About us

Our company specializes in manufacturing high quality paper bags since 1990.


For over ten years now we offer you also other packaging, such as boxes, envelopes, pouches or fabric bags. The target of our experienced staff is to provide you with the highest product and service quality, professional assistance, competitive prices and short deadlines. We base our production on a miscellaneous selection of materials (upper-class, environmentally friendly) and we use different kinds of technologies to make the product not only nice and elegant but also solid. We offer:

  • customized sizes,
  • customized designs,
  • various types of handles,
  • accessories such as tissue paper, gift tags or bows,
  • different types of refinements.


ATEMI offers you complex and professional services. Our employees will assist you in all stages of the manufacturing process, from the concept, through designing and production, to delivery or shipping. Many Polish and foreign companies have placed their confidence in us and we have always proved to be trustworthy. As a result of our creative and individual attitude, we have earned a firm and significant position on the local market.


While designing the most tailored product for you, first of all we will like to know your needs and expectations.  Do you want your company to be seen as glam and elegant? Choose our laminated bags! Do you focus on ecological trends? We do bags from biodegradable paper: automatic kraft paper bags or top-shelf eco-friendly bags. Are you active in catering business? You might be interested in our bakery bags.


If you are looking for something unusual, let us create an untypical bag for you. Our graphic designers love the challenges and with pleasure will assist you in designing modern and unusual product. 


Check also our other packaging solutions, such as fabric bags (from cotton and polypropylene), envelopes, premium or courier boxes. All customized for you. Contact us for more details!

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