For several years now, we witness rapid growth of eco-friendly movements among final customers. The business world has become more aware of the environment. Your clients more often choose products, which are placed in recyclable packaging. This is no longer a matter of fashion, but necessity. Such environmental thinking helps to protect our planet from global pollution – we need to change the entire economy together to stop overproduction of waste. People are leaning towards reusable items and supporting businesses that are aware. Consumers worldwide, including your customers, are demanding “green” products and sustainable strategies from the brands competing for their business.


Secure long-term profitability, market share value and customer loyalty with a brand exclusive design of our packaging items. 

Atemi offers you a wide range of products, that are made out of materials with eco-friendly certificates, which are recyclable or biodegradable:

Top-shelf and eco-friendly bags


Made from white or brown paper from primary fibres and pure cellulose, which is easy to recycle. The paper is PEFC or FSC certified, also available with the ISEGA certificate (approved direct food contact), printed with water-based inks.

Ecological and economical bags


Made from white or brown paper, with paper handles and printed with water inks. The paper is recyclable, FSC or PEFC certified. An excellent alternative for plastic bags.

No-bottom bags with fold side or flat


Made from ecological materials approved to food contact (certificate or attestation), white or brown paper. Water-based inks and adhesives. An excellent alternative for plastic bags.

Elegant premium bags made from papers


which are produced in factories with the highest environmental standards (reduction of water and energy absorption, usage of renewable energy sources, effective management of raw materials and waste). PEFC or FSC-certified paper, PEFC-certified cardboard, print with water-based inks.



Made from kraft cardboard from primary fibres with the addition of recycled pulp, PEFC-certified coated cardboard or corrugated board - a renewable material, that is easily recyclable and biodegradable.

Canvas bags


Reusable bags with the longest life cycle. Bags, that serve the consumers for a long time and thus help to limit the consumption of plastic and disposable packaging. Your customers will appreciate your efforts of eco-responsibility, sparking an increase of word-of-mouth advertising as they travel with your custom non-woven bag to school, work, the gym, beach trips, picnics and so much more.

Take advantage of our wide environmental-friendly offer! Let’s go greener together!

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