Non-woven bags

Durable, affordable and long lasting


By using heat and air the polypropylene material is spinned together and then pressed between hot rollers creating solid and flexible fabric. Thanks to that, we can offer you cheap, but also durable, breathable and water resistant bags in a range of vibrant colours, sizes and styles, that you can personalized with your logo, company data or some other design, transforming them into a great marketing tool. Non-woven bags are economical and will last for years being used for promotional and individual usage. They are the perfect alternative for non-ecological plastic bags, but also to more expensive cotton bags.

Non-woven bags can fold, are lightweight and are multi-purpose – your clients will use them as a tote bag, storage bag or grocery bag, reusing them time and time again!. Increase and optimize your exposure while building eco-friendly brand image with our wide collection of polypropylene bags: bags with short or long handles, punched handles or sacks. Contact us today!

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